ProveLocal has selected FareHarbor for activity and tour connectivity in North America.

Provelocal has selected DerbySoft for hotel and resort connectivity in North America.

The OneRez Travel Company announces its intention to relocate its headquarters and all operations to Hilo Hawaii. After 16 years in Connecticut, OneRez is returning to its roots as a Hilo Hawaii company. From 1998 to 2003 OneRez operated an online travel reservation center in the business district of downtown Hilo processing hundreds of OTA reservations per day for customers in North America and Europe. With the upcoming launch of the ProveLocal platform demonstration in Hawaii, the ProveLocal team is thrilled to be returning to the Big Island and the business community of Hilo. Additional information at

ProveLocal has selected Hawaii as the first location to demonstrate its new local Online Travel Agency platform. Hawaii residents are familiar with the ProveLocal concept of local “Kamaaina” rates at certain hotels and attractions. ProveLocal brings that concept to a new level as an OTA using state of the industry travel technology and its seasoned team of travel tech geeks. The Hawaii market will serve as a testing ground prior to the national rollout of the ProveLocal OTA.

ProveLocal has selected Massachusetts as its second location to demonstrate the platform in a typical Northeast metropolitan location.

November 10, 2016 – Today, ProveLocal filed a business method patent application with seven claims related to its proprietary Online Travel Agency platform for local residents. The patent filed with the USPTO (application No. 15/347,827) builds off of the existing OneRez Travel Company patent which certifies travel suppliers as small business, woman and minority owned and operated. Using a similar self certification process, the ProveLocal travel platform enables suppliers to offer discounted specialized membership rates to customers who have self-certified that they reside within a geographical distance set by ProveLocal on the system, as well as the verification process used.