ProveLocal will launch its innovative sustainable OTA in Hawaii in 2024.

ProveLocal is at the forefront of the local environmental movement.  We advocate for less travel by offering exceptional rates to top hotels and resorts close to home. We assist hotels and resorts in repositioning their rooms and amenities to those who are proven to live locally within a certain radius of the property. The platform is built on a secure residential address verification system which ensures Hotels and Resorts that viewership of the specialized local only rates are available only to certified local-residents. This allows our Hotel and Resort partners to build a substantial local market, without affecting their non-local business.

ProveLocal is being launched by a seasoned travel tech team who have innovated, built and operated three previous projects in the travel tech space over the past 25 years (additional info at

Our mission is to reduce carbon emissions in the leisure travel industry and foster a new local approach to vacations and short term getaways. It is everyone’s responsibility to Travel Less. And with ProveLocal you get incredible rates to top Hotels and Resorts close to home. Travel Less – Enjoy More and be more responsible for the planet, what’s not to like? – Sign up for ProveLocal in your area – Coming 2024.

ProveLocal – The Planet Friendly OTA.