What is ProveLocal?

ProveLocal is a new Online Travel Agency (OTA) site for locals only. Members join for free and get access to great local only rates to top hotels and resorts in their area. ProveLocal is a force for good.

Why should I be a ProveLocal Member?

Because its free, easy to sign-up, and can be used to book an awesome staycation or a spontaneous great night out and overnight stay in your local area at a great ProveLocal only rate.

How does it work?

ProveLocal Members self-certify their primary place of residence and obtain a ProveLocal Pass to obtain access to the local travel site and booking platform in their area.

Why do hotels and resorts partner with ProveLocal?

Hotels and resorts partner with ProveLocal because they know that our PL Member audience is verified as local only. We use a rigorous process of address verification that includes multiple third-party systems. Hotels and resorts use ProveLocal to build their local only program and connect with the ProveLocal community in their city or region.

Why is ProveLocal good for community and the environment?

ProveLocal’s mission is to encourage more local connection and less travel by carbon intensive means. We are good for the community, the global environment, our partner hotels and resorts and our customers. Local is a movement – be part of it with ProveLocal.

How does ProveLocal make money?

ProveLocal helps hotels and resorts reach a new loyal and local customer that they would otherwise not reach. For this the hotels pay us a fee for each night stay that is booked through the PL Platform. There are no fees in using ProveLocal as a Member.

What are the policies for booking changes and cancelations?

Additional FAQs can be found on the local OTA site upon becoming a Member (Member FAQs) which outline all PL booking policies.

I’m a hotel or resort and I still have questions?

Additional FAQs for our Hotel and Resort partners (Partner FAQs) can be found at the PL Partner Portal.