What is ProveLocal?

ProveLocal is a new online travel agency providing deep discounts because of your local status on fun things to do in your area. Book hotels where you may not otherwise stay and visit attractions and do activities that you might otherwise not do. Simply have fun at a steep discount in your hometown.

How does it work?

It’s free simply sign up and claim where your primary residence is and we certify you as a ProveLocal member for that location. Hotel, attraction and activity suppliers then provide you exclusive discount availability and rates because of where you live. Each residential address is different in terms of the listings that you see. Suppliers set the radius for the discount so the inventory is unique to you. Travelers and tourists cannot see the discounted rate so suppliers are able to sell their excess inventory exclusively to local residents and build stronger relationships in the areas in which they serve.

How do I join?

It’s simple sign up at ProveLocal and then sign in to search for places to stay and things to do where you live at awesome discounts.

Does it affect my privacy?

No you self-certify where you live and we use public address databases to verify. Then let the savings on fun and adventurist stuff close to home begin. It may even be good for your love life.

Why is it green for the environment?

Its ecotourism at its best, you don’t have to burn hydrocarbons to be a tourist. Look around there’s lots of stuff to do where you live.

Where is it available?

ProveLocal will first be available in Boston with other cities and regions to follow.

How does ProveLocal make money?

We are an online travel agency (OTA) and we receive a commission from the supplier. We are the only OTA offering discounted rates exclusively to local residents. There are no fees to use ProveLocal as a customer.

Does it work when I travel?

No ProveLocal is only for hotels, attractions and activities close to where you live.