The OneRez Travel Company was started in 1998, originally as America Off Road, an outdoor
adventure company. The Company then built a technology platform through the Global Distribution System for discount auto rentals on Travelocity and Expedia.

The Company also designed the first mobile app for a major GDS on a mobile device by Motorola. OneRez has also developed certification platforms for travel suppliers and customers.

OneRez holds the patent for certifying and selecting small business travel suppliers on the internet. All of this hard work has resulted in our newest patent pending project – certified local travel at


We Connect
with Locals


ProveLocal connects local residents with great local only rates at top hotels simply by proving that you live local. The site is a great way for hotels to provide the local community with a specialized rate that only local residents can see. In Hawaii we call it the kamaaina rate.


1998 – 2001
OneRez – Auto
Rental Platform

OneRez – Small Business

ProveLocal – Local Travel

A Travel Agency for Locals