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2. Licensing 2.1. Production License – Subject to payment of the current licence fee and full compliance with this agreement, The licensee grants you the following rights: (b) Notwithstanding the terms of this BAU, all or part of the licensed software that represents non-proprietary software under public license from third parties (freeware or open source) is granted to them in the form of a discrete agreement, withdrawal license or electronic license, under the terms of the software license agreement accompanying these freeware or open-source software. The use of freeware or open-source software by you is entirely subject to the terms of this license. Updates and upgrades can be automatically downloaded and installed from time to time. These updates can be made of bug fixes, new features or new versions. You expressly acknowledge and accept that updates or upgrades do not necessarily have to contain all the features of the previous version. You agree to obtain such updates as part of the use of the licensed software. The terms and conditions of these CIVEMs govern these updates or upgrades, unless such an update or update is accompanied by a separate license, in which case the terms of that license apply. 3.6 Licenses required for third-party software. The software allows you to run multiple instances of home operating systems and third-party application programs. You are responsible for obtaining and complying with the licenses necessary to operate such third-party software, including host operating systems and/or application programs. “ACE Customer License” refers to an individual or volumic license key that gives you the right to install and use virtual ACE machines on a number of devices for which you have paid the corresponding fee.

(b) The above law is unlimited, with the exception of (i) termination due to your violation of these conditions and (ii) in the event that you hold a license under a service licensing agreement (“SPLA”) if the term of the right is limited to the period of subscription or may be regulated under the SPLA conditions of the specified solution; 1.1 “Designated Administrative Access” means that access to the default user interfaces of a given instance of the Software (in that section) that you can grant to a specific third party (a) for which you have informed VMware in advance that you are providing outsourced services and (b) that you have authorized such a software instance for their dedicated benefit. Designated administrative access only applies if VMware grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license without sublicensing rights, so (i) to use the Software only for your own internal information processing services and computer requirements related to the authorized use of the Software on a single computer. (ii) use the documentation attached to the software. Subject to the above information, any copy of the Software cannot be used by another person, whether that person is employed by your organization or linked to you. You cannot share or use the software at the same time. 12. Maintenance and assistance. If the licensed software grants you and grants you the right to maintain and assist in accordance with paragraph 2, these services will begin from the date your order is processed and the license file generated. You will receive support for your licensed software and any updates, improvements or improvements contained or defined in maintenance policies. Licensed software updates cannot be applied to licensed software with an expired software maintenance contract. If the licensed software is an upgrade to an earlier or previously released version, you are allowed to use the upgrade only in accordance with that C.A.