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The client agrees to pay consultants monthly for the duration of this technical consulting agreement, as described in the table below: An IT advisor (information technology) is a person who works in the field of computer programming, data and analysis, either independently or for a consulting firm. An individual or company will hire an IT consultant to analyze its IT systems and structures, correct any problems that may be detected, make improvements or inform them of their current system in order to meet specific business requirements. In addition, the client undertakes to reimburse consultants for any additional costs incurred by the consultant for the performance of this contract, including pre-approved travel and travel expenses. This agreement represents the full conditions between the consultant and the client in relation to the services he describes. Any addition or amendment to this agreement must be the subject of written consent from both parties. PandaTip: If you want to offer an hourly rate instead of a package, you can easily change the price structure of that model to reflect that. The advisor undertakes not to practice business practices directly in competition with the client`s activities during the duration of this technical services consulting contract and for a period of 24 months thereafter. Similarly, Consultant undertakes not to recruit or recruit the client`s staff at any time. This agreement is reached by and between the following parties: Any party may terminate the agreement at any time by sending 30 days of written notification to the other party by email or authenticated email. In the event of cancellation, the client is responsible for paying the advisor on a pro-rated basis for the consulting services provided before the retraction date. The Advisor accepts that all work and creation resulting from work carried out under this Technical Services Consulting Agreement is the client`s intellectual property and agrees not to claim intellectual property arising from the services provided under this agreement. If you have legal requirements outside the Free Technical Consulting Agreement, please see our full list of customizable service contracts.

The client undertakes to exempt and compensate consultants from any legal action or damage related to the services provided under this Agreement. This agreement begins on [Agreement.StartDate] and continues for a period of [month of agreement] months. An IT consultant agreement is a written contract between two (2) parties; client (individual or entity) and an advisor. The IT advisor is responsible by the client to make available his know-how in the field of information technology for a fair remuneration. This agreement should be carefully considered by the client and the consultant and concluded in a fair and mutually beneficial manner. An IT consulting agreement includes conditions such as the duration of the contract, compensation (amount and amount of payments), retention (if any), non-competition obligation and non-invitation, as well as non-disclosure of confidential and proprietary information. If the terms of the agreement appear acceptable to both parties, they may register their signatures.