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You can either create a new email and insert your contract number into the subject line, or simply reply to the email address we sent you during the app. Last year, a loan of 100 pounds was taken out. Paid within four weeks. They charge me interest for one year, which is 100 more when I paid off the loan. Keep marking my credit file for a loan that has been paid for months. Financial Ombudsman You try not to give documents, so they also can`t handle your claim You can send this in image, photocopy, verbal document or PDF file to with your application reference number in the subject line, or only to the response we sent you when you applied. Not sure why there are so many bad ratings that help me when I`ve been a high loan, but they let me know before accepting the deal, because the Covid I stopped paying on time and they never tried to harass me in any way with the beautiful woman on the phone and make repayment plan thanks Satsuma loans If we can check your income and send a photo, photocopy, word document or PDF file of your If you wish to prepay your loan or have any questions about prepayments, please contact our customer service on 0800 694 004. It won`t be long because all they have to do is take a one-time payment by debit card over the phone from you. Payments are accepted by third parties, but just make sure they are present with you to give their permission and make the payment with their debit or credit card. Are you afraid for your credit file? Don`t be here! A prepayment does not negatively reflect your credit report.

We need to make sure that you can afford the loan and that your repayments are manageable. We do this by checking your income data as part of your credit quality audit. Sometimes the income information we withhold does not match, so we ask you to send us proof of your income to help us process your loan. We inform you if we need to check your income while you apply. Avoid at all costs – I encountered a period of financial difficulties when I had a Satsuma loan and a payment agreement concluded. I have struggled all year with Satsuma to bring back my credit file because they simply declared it as completely missed payments and not as a repayment agreement. You only receive responses from the complaints team with conflicting information. They tell you they`re going to fix it, but it`s not going to happen, and when you get back to touch, they`ll tell you something else. Not once did the complaints team call me to discuss – either they ignore you completely, or they sent short, curvy and unserved answers. They refuse the disputes of the credit agencies, and now, when I wrote to the financial ombudsman, they do not send the documents to the FOS or engage with them. If you have a loan with these people, avoid payment agreements because they are supposed to help customers in financial difficulty, they have ruined my file and made things ten times worse.

It is important to note that credit checks leave “fingerprints” in your credit file. You are visible to other lenders and anyone who looks at your credit file. Although these “footprints” are not bad in themselves, they can guide them negatively. Especially if you have done many credit checks over a short period of time. However, you say you don`t need a perfect credit file to apply. Existing customers also need their current or previous credit contract number. Your contract or customer number was sent to your email when you first took out your loan.